Our Story

The primary goal of Westerdynamics LLC is simple and probably cliché; to build a better future.  At Westerdynamics LLC our goal is to make this future reality by developing and operating clean energy projects.  The long term vision of Westerdynamics is wide ranging and ranges from large utility scale solar energy projects, wind projects, real estate projects, and one day the commercialization of fusion energy!  The path is not easy, and will take time.  In order to achieve the impossible, goals must be set.  The first major attainable goal; a 1MW+ utility scale solar project in operation by the end of 2021.  How will this goal be achieved?

  1. Build capital.  To build capital, we are already purchasing undervalued vacant land and reselling it for below market value.  This is the first pillar is simple and straight forward, and has already began snowballing.  This will also allow for the team to gain experience and understanding of local zoning and environmental regulations in markets of interest, and build a land portfolio of viable project sites.
  2. Site selection.  After an adequate capital and a portfolio of viable build sites has been acquired the first project location will be selected.  The goal is to select site location by early 2020.
  3. PPA + Permits.  The power purchase agreement and various permits can take time to acquire.  Once the site for project 1 has been selected the prime focal will be on acquiring the power purchase agreement and permitting necessary for the project
  4. Find Equity Partners + Debt Financing.  In parallel financing for the first project will be of the utmost importance, and will provide a unique challenge. Through an increased interest by the general public in clean energy projects, and through unique financing options such as Wunder Capital, this aspect has now become viable for new entrants in the clean energy development market.
  5. Construction. Construction will be performed most likely through the use of subcontractors and is expected to take 3-6 months to complete. Construction is targeted to begin in by July 2021 to achieve our goal.
  6. Project Complete. Project has been completed, and is now selling energy to the grid. Target date: Late 2022.